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Supply Chain and Procurement is an ongoing challenge taking up valuable time and resources. When procurement is carried out in house it can be an extremely time consuming responsibility for any company.

Delancey Oilfield Supplies are on hand to further complement your procurement team and in essence streamline the supply chain by providing you with necessary expertise and knowledge base in sourcing high quality and high specification products at great prices, thanks to our long established relationships with renowned manufacturers.

Our process starts by defining the exact requirements and identifying potential manufactures who can provide the required goods and services. Once the potential manufacturers have been identified and essential successful verifications have been conducted, communications and negotiations begin in order to agree upon prices and timelines.

This comprehensive process is the motive why many national and international oil, gas, petrochemical and mining companies choose to outsource their procurement to Delancey Oilfield Supplies Limited. After all our objective is to create, maintain, and be part of an efficient supply chain that provides our clients with access to high quality products at minimum cost, within the shortest possible timeframe.

The products you need, when you need them

Placing the management of your procurement processes into Delancey Oilfield Supplies capable hands will give you complete peace of mind. From start to finish, we take care of every aspect of the procurement process; we perform the bidding, requisitioning, expediting, and inspection, managing the entire procurement process from the sourcing of products right through to delivery.

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