Inventory Management Services (IMS)

Delancey Oilfield Supplies

Delancey Oilfield provides Inventory Management services including, but not limited to:

PROCUREMENT: Co-ordinate all related material/s for a specific project nationally or internationally.

VALIDATION: Verify that all line items in terms of quality, quantities and descriptions are correct between all related contractual order paperwork and actual material.

COORDINATION: Coordinate between applicable parties (vendors, expeditors) for any discrepancies prior to release the material as received, including but not limited to: part numbers, descriptions, shortage, overages or damages.

Fulfillment & Reporting

  • Delancey Oilfield continues to track and follow-up with vendors to guarantee that orders are received within the agreed timeline and will endeavour to continuously follow up to see if the delivery times can be improved ahead of schedule.
  • Delancey Oilfield provides regular comprehensive Material Order Status (MOS) reports to the vendor to ensure both parties are aware on the status of every line item for each and every order.
  • Delancey Oilfield manages partial deliveries through the order process and tracks all deliveries until all goods are received and the PO has been completed according to the original and/or amended order.
  • Whenever hazardous cargo is involved, Delancey Oilfield works together with the vendor and/or with a hazardous material expert to make sure that cargo meets all transportation requirements for dangerous goods.
  • Delancey Oilfield provides personnel with the knowledge base of the material which allows for reduction in cataloguing discrepancies and reduces logistics turnaround.
  • Delancey Oilfield is committed to dedicating capable full-time personnel and resources to each of the inventory solutions in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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